Carroll County Taxpayers Coalition

Concerned Carroll County residents formed this coalition. It’s a non-partisan group whose purpose is to organize and represent county taxpayers, and to counter recent political action by special interest groups who are urging higher spending and taxes.

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2022 Voter Guide. Click the thumbnail image to see the full page.

The individual, like a sheet of paper, is easily torn. The group, like a ream of paper, is not.  Try tearing a large phone book.  Unfortunately, most lobbying groups today demand that government keeps growing and spending (at taxpayers’ expense).  Weak-kneed officials cave to those groups.  Trying to push back against them on your own is futile – they toss you aside like a piece of scrap paper.  Join us in resisting reckless spending and bad government.  Together, we’ll throw the book at them.
We are looking out for you, the taxpayer.  We were the group that defeated expensive, wasteful Charter Government in Carroll County – giving us a track record of success when dealing with the ole-boy (and ole-girl) network in Carroll.  Join us. It’s FREE.

Take a look at our non-partisan 2022 Carroll County MD Voters Guide

Carroll Taxpayers Coalition Leads Effort to Defeat Charter

Top 10 Reasons to Keep Commissioners

County Executive in Carroll? What Could Go Wrong?

Here They Go Again…(pushing Charter)

Leftists Are Running as Republicans in Carroll County (because they can’t win as Democrats)

There is no such thing as public money, there is only tax-payers’ money…Prosperity will not come by inventing more and more lavish public expenditure programmes…We have a duty to make sure that every penny piece we raise in taxation is spent wisely and well.  –Margaret Thatcher

Help us mobilize support. Get involved.

  • for more efficiency in county and municipal government
  • to protect the economic future of the county and its municipalities from growing government, increasing taxes and public debt
  • and, to protect county and municipal taxpayers from government policies and regulations that impinge on their constitutional freedoms.

Join Us, the Carroll Taxpayers Coalition. Sign up, get informed, get involved – this is your opportunity to improve your government.

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