Carroll County Taxpayers Coalition PAC

Success: Carroll Taxpayers Coalition Leads Effort to Defeat Expensive Charter.

Mission: Organize taxpayers to provide input during decision making process.

Why are we doing this? We want the government to provide honest and complete financial disclosure of their planned actions. The newspapers report what they are told by politicians and other government officials. Often important cost data is omitted by government officials which makes their projects appear better financially than they really are.

When government officials decide to spend more of our money, special interest groups are there pushing their agenda. They are organized and we are not. Our goal is to organize and inform taxpayers so they can communicate their views to decision makers during the decision making process.

Contributions are for advertising on billboards and road signs to publicly inform people about pending government actions. We suggest an annual contribution of $25 per active member.

Contributions are VOLUNTARY. The money goes 100% to cover cost of materials, issue advertising, and computer related fees. Please consider donating.

All people working on this coalition are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time. We are people like you – people who believe the purpose of taxation is to fund legitimate, constitutional roles of government.

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