Carroll County Md – Hijacked by Unions Since 2014

Three important facts:

  • At the head of Carroll County Md. government are five elected commissioners.
  • Republican voters out-number Democrats 2-1 in Carroll.
  • The Republican candidate for commissioner who wins the Primary Election becomes commissioner.

Democrats, knowing they don’t stand much of a chance to win as democrats in the general election, devised quite a scheme, and it was orchestrated by the CCEA (Carroll County Education – i.e. “teachers” – Association, a labor union).

The CCEA ran and backed five candidates (democrats) who ran as Republicans for commissioner in 2014. And they had their  democratic party voters switch party affiliation and vote in the primary for the CCEA candidates. See this email that the union sent to its members. (We’re not making this stuff up!)

It worked. Four of the five CCEA candidates won. These four either worked for the school system or had spouses who did.

It’s been against the Ethics law in Carroll County for a commissioner to vote for school-system pay raises if the commissioner worked for the school system or had a family member who did. A normal adult could see the inherent conflict of interest.

The CCEA 4-commissioner majority changed the Ethics law in March of 2018, and in May 2018 voted for a $9 million pay  increase for the school system. As a result, our taxes are going up.

Please don’t misunderstand us. The issue is not the pay raise. We truly want great schools and teachers in Carroll County, and we believe we have both already. The issue is the inherently disingenuous way the CCEA and their 4 commissioners went about it.

We believe it was corrupt to have democrat voters switch party affiliation and vote for CCEA candidates in the Republican  Primary. We believe it was corrupt of the CCEA backed commissioners to change the Ethics law. And we believe it was corrupt of  the CCEA backed commissioners to vote to fund huge pay raises that they or their family members benefited from.

Taxes are going up in Carroll County because of this deceitfulness and back-room dealing. This is the kind of nonsense that  destroyed Baltimore, and now it’s destroying Carroll County.

Increased taxes harm the elderly, single moms, taxpayers, children, everyone.

The Primary election is June 26th. You get to decide in this election if you want a government beholden to you or unions. Please join us in electing candidates running to defend taxpayers, ethical government, and fiscal sanity.

The Carroll-Taxpayers-Coalition-recommended candidates pledge to hold the line on taxes or lower them. And they pledge to return the ethics laws back to how they used to be, which is the right thing to do.

Take our ballot with you to the polls and vote to protect Carroll’s endangered taxpayer.

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