Don’t Repeal Carroll County MD’s Official Language Ordinance

It’s time to join the Carroll Taxpayer Coalition and protect our county from new Commissioners who are proposing a huge new bill that YOU will be paying!

On January 9th, 2020, Commissioner Dennis Frazier proposed that the Board of Commissioners repeal Carroll County’s Official English ordinance which was unanimously passed by the Board of Commissioners in 2013.

The ordinance was passed to protect the county (that means YOU, the taxpayer) from:

Now they wanna tax you in a hundred languages, and you’re gonna pay for the translations.

  • having to pay an ever-growing bill to have county documents and all official county government communications translated, at taxpayer expense, into a variety of foreign languages.
  • potential lawsuits that might arise from having documents and communications translated into some languages but not others.
  • problems that would arise from poorly translated communications.

Carroll’s Official English ordinance is not racist, mean, or unfriendly.

It is practical and a foundation of good government.

It is in effect in 32 states across this nation and 3 counties in Maryland.

Help us – the Carroll Taxpayer’s Coalition – protect your wallet from Commissioners who want YOU to pay .25-.50 cents or more per wordper language, to translate all county documents from now on, and re-translate them every time a change to one English document is made.  According to the US Census Bureau there are over 150 languages spoken in Maryland. 

We don’t think Carroll taxpayers should have to foot that bill!

If you agree please visit and donate a small amount (or a big amount) to help us fight to keep Carroll County’s tax bill more affordable for YOU.

It’s your tax-rate at stake. Contact the Commissioners at 410-386-2043 or via email Let them know NOT TO REPEAL the English is Carroll County Government’s official language ordinance.

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