Carroll Taxpayers Coalition Leads Effort to Defeat Expensive Charter

While I wasn’t paying attention, bad government stuck it to me. Don’t be this guy. Get involved. Join us.

That’s right. It was members and contributors of the Carroll Taxpayers Coalition who lead the charge to defeat expensive charter government in Carroll County during the Summer of 2019.

We opposed Charter every step of the way. From our Town-Hall meetings, to Editorials in the CCT, to even debating a Commissioner on the radio, we insisted on efficient, responsible government.  We knew from other counties in Maryland that Charter RAISES taxes because it’s expensive.  Someone had to look out for the taxpayers – and that’s just what we did.

Check out this article from the local newspaper in which we lobbied against Charter. And this debate which aired on the radio (WTTR).  And this article from the CCT declaring Charter, essentially, dead (for now). The Carroll Taypayers Coalition is prominently featured in all.

Commissioner Bouchat was so distraught at losing the Charter battle that he pledged NOT to run again. YAY! (You’re welcome, Carroll County. )

Are you tired of expensive government? Then get involved. Join our coalition. Band together with the good guys.  Join us in demanding sound government that spends within its means. That doesn’t jump on the band-wagon of every expensive or harebrained idea that comes along.

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