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Please take a look at our 2022 Carroll County Maryland Voters Guide.  Take it with you to the polls!  Remember, Primary Elections are July 19, 2022 – these are important because generally the Primary winner in Carroll goes on to win in the General Election (since there’s practically a 2 to 1 ratio of Republicans to Democrats).

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Our recommended candidates:

        1. Won’t fuel inflation by borrowing money
        2. Will protect your God-given rights (all of them)
        3. Know the difference between a man and a woman


Don’t Repeal Carroll County MD’s Official Language Ordinance

It’s time to join the Carroll Taxpayer Coalition and protect our county from new Commissioners who are proposing a huge new bill that YOU will be paying!

On January 9th, 2020, Commissioner Dennis Frazier proposed that the Board of Commissioners repeal Carroll County’s Official English ordinance which was unanimously passed by the Board of Commissioners in 2013.

The ordinance was passed to protect the county (that means YOU, the taxpayer) from:

Now they wanna tax you in a hundred languages, and you’re gonna pay for the translations.

  • having to pay an ever-growing bill to have county documents and all official county government communications translated, at taxpayer expense, into a variety of foreign languages.
  • potential lawsuits that might arise from having documents and communications translated into some languages but not others.
  • problems that would arise from poorly translated communications.

Carroll’s Official English ordinance is not racist, mean, or unfriendly.

It is practical and a foundation of good government.

It is in effect in 32 states across this nation and 3 counties in Maryland.

Help us – the Carroll Taxpayer’s Coalition – protect your wallet from Commissioners who want YOU to pay .25-.50 cents or more per wordper language, to translate all county documents from now on, and re-translate them every time a change to one English document is made.  According to the US Census Bureau there are over 150 languages spoken in Maryland. 

We don’t think Carroll taxpayers should have to foot that bill!

If you agree please visit and donate a small amount (or a big amount) to help us fight to keep Carroll County’s tax bill more affordable for YOU.

It’s your tax-rate at stake. Contact the Commissioners at 410-386-2043 or via email Let them know NOT TO REPEAL the English is Carroll County Government’s official language ordinance.

Here They Go Again for Charter

Why? Because 2 County Commissioners want to change our form of government.  Commissioner Bouchat promotes Charter because he thinks our commissioner form of government is an outdated unconstitutional concept from English common law. Yet, he ignores the fact that Carroll’s commissioner form of government is contained in the MD. Constitution.

He argues that we need a County Executive like Montgomery or PG Counties to make Carroll County’s government more efficient.   More efficient at what?  Taxing us; Regulating us?

He says we need a separation of powers but ignores the fact that our highest ranking elected executive branch official is our Sheriff unlike most charter counties that have an appointed police chief who is under the direct control of a county executive and town council. Not much separation of power in the Charter counites is there?

Most importantly, he ignores results that show Carroll citizens enjoy a higher quality of life than surrounding charter counties.

The commissioner form of govt has served us well compared to the other 22 counties and Baltimore City, here are some (approximate) quality of life rankings:

  • Unemployment: 2nd lowest of the 24 jurisdictions
  • Crime rates:  24th out of 24 (lowest crime).
  • Ag preservation:  70,000 acres (#1)
  • High school graduation rates: #1 of 24
  • Drop out rates: #24 of 24 ( lowest)
  • Growth in manufacturing jobs: #1
  • Long term debt:  Down approximately 23% from 2011 levels
  • Tax rates: Lowered taxes at least twice over the past eight years.
  • Development:  Carroll has avoided smart growth incentives that urbanize communities

Every surrounding county government that adopted charter has shifted left while growing larger and more authoritarian.  Every surrounding County that went Charter is now run by liberals. Charter governments can raise their own salaries and pass laws that will implement and impose ADDITIONAL fines and fees at the local level.

Commissioner Frazier wants Charter so he can raise taxes.  Under our existing Commissioner form of government, Commissioners need 4 out of 5 votes to raise our taxes. I seriously doubt this restriction would be included in any Charter document.

Please see our top 10 reasons for keeping a commissioner form of government post.

So why do politicians want charter government?

Three reasons:

  • It is easier to raise taxes;
  • It makes government more powerful; and politicians feel more important;
  • It provides a 6-figure career path for politicians that couldn’t make it in the private sector.

We are fortunate to have a Commissioner form of government. It’s your future at stake. Let the Commissioners know you want to keep the Commissioner form of government at 410-386-2043 or via email

Taxpayers Are Safer with Commissioner Government

Commissioner government does not need “independence” from the state legislature.  We have important checks and balances in commissioner government provided, not by the state legislature, but by our own delegation.  If our delegation likes what the commissioners want, they agree and ask for “local courtesy” to pass the bill which applies only to this county and it virtually always passes.  Commissioners are elected by their district, but our delegates represent the majority of Carroll county and provide a safeguard against overreaching commissioner intent.

For example, Commissioner Julia Gouge wanted to create an appointed chief of police to replace the elected sheriff’s role.   The delegation knew that residents across the county didn’t want that even though she did.  The delegation didn’t support it so that issue didn’t go any farther.  Today we have a strong elected sheriff accountable to the voters, not a weak chief of police accountable to the commissioners, thanks to the check on the power of the commissioners provided by our delegation.

Under Charter government a single person, the county executive, holds the vast majority of the power rather than having it distributed equally among 5 commissioners with checks and balances of our delegation. Distributed power protects taxpayers.  Concentrated power threatens us.

Top 10 Reasons for Keeping Commissioner form of Government

1. Keep taxes under control. Carroll County Commissioners cut taxes twice in the past 8 years. Baltimore’s County Executive wants to raise taxes by $81 million. Before charter, Frederick County residents paid $.93 per hundred dollars of assessed evaluation. After charter they pay $1.06 per $100 of evaluation. Charter makes it easier for the county to raise taxes.  Currently, the Board of Commissioners requires a super majority of 4 votes out of 5 commissioners to raise taxes.  Under Charter a County Executive can raise taxes. To stop a tax increase the council must have a vote of the majority to stop a county executive’s tax increase

2. Keep salaries under control. Commissioners earn part time salaries.  County Executives make six figure salaries and so do many County administrators.  Carroll Commissioners earn $47K and our administrator earns $90K. Salaries of the County Executive in Frederick $95,000; Baltimore County $175,000; Howard County $180,000; and Montgomery County $192,000.  In addition, Montgomery County pays their Chief Administrative Officer $303,000.

3. Keep the size and cost of county government under control. Not only does Charter add a County Executive to the payroll, it adds an additional layer of bureaucrats also. A County Executive has the entire staff of the county government working for him/her and the County Council can hire support people to work for them, adding high salaries and long-term health insurance and pensions to the county’s budget.

4. Carroll County is out of money. There is no money to fund the higher costs of charter government. The county is having difficulty providing the money requested by the school board and the County’s Budget Director is warning of coming budgetary concerns.  Charter government will require an increase in our real estate taxes to pay for it.

5. Commissioner form of government has 3 branches, just like the state and federal governments do. The elected legislative branch which creates the law; the elected executive branch which enforces the law; and the appointed judicial branch which adjudicates the law.  In Carroll County the legislative branch is the elected Commissioners who create local ordinances; the executive branch is the elected Sheriff who enforces the law; and the judicial branch are the Judges in our court system.  In Charter counties, the County Executive usually subsumes the elected sheriff’s position of executive and creates an appointed police chief accountable to the County Executive, not to the people of the county.

6. Keep the checks and balances in local government intact. Changing to Charter takes away an important check and balance on the local government provided by our locally elected House and Senate Delegation. Commissioners ask the locally elected delegation to support increasing their authority to tax, to increase their salaries and to create new government departments.  Where our delegation agrees, the request for this increase in local authority is brought to the General Assembly and passed as a local courtesy.  This is a check on increased power of the county government and protects the citizenry from overactive county government.

7. “Independence” from the General Assembly is a myth. Charter and Code governments must also ask the General Assembly for permission to create local laws in a variety of areas which are the purview of the General Assembly.  For example, exercising authority over gambling, alcohol, and ethics need the approval of the General Assembly before being granted to any county regardless of form of government.

8. Keep decisions out in the open. Commissioner government requires decisions be made by at least 3 votes in public open session. Charter concentrates power in one person, the County Executive, who can operate out of public view with no required open session discussions or decisions.

9. Carroll citizens don’t want charter. A move to charter government has been voted down 6 times in the past. Certain politicians are pushing charter so they can run for county executive, increase their power, and make a big salary at taxpayer expense. Carroll’s 5 Commissioner district system has been in place for only 2 terms and has hardly even been tested yet.

10. No problem is being solved.  There is no need to change our Commissioner form of government. County officials have not provided any objective accurate justification to replace the current Commissioner form of government. 

Join Us, the Carroll Taxpayers Coalition. Sign up, get informed, get involved – this is your chance to improve your government.

A County Executive in Carroll? What Could Go Wrong?

There’s a reason normal people know that we don’t put power in one person’s hands. Not at a Federal, State, or even Local level.

Time has proven over and over: Decentralization of power works best.  With our current 5-Commissioner form of government, decision making isn’t in the hands of one person. It’s up to 5 different people, each representing one of five districts in Carroll.  That’s true representative government! Don’t change it.

We are fortunate to have a Commissioner form of government. It’s your future at stake. Let the Commissioners know you want to keep the Commissioner form of government at 410-386-2043 or via email

Join Us, the Carroll Taxpayers Coalition. Sign up, get informed, get involved – this is your chance to improve your government.