Take Progressive Politics Out of Carroll County Public Schools

A disappointing display found in a CCPS classroom. It’s propaganda, not information. It’s what progressives do when productive members of society are too busy being productive to know what’s going on in the schools.

I, the undersigned, am disturbed by the hostile school environment created for Christian and
conservative students by some of the teachers and staff within the Carroll County Public School system.

This hostile classroom/school environment is being created by:

  • Teachers’ intolerance of students with differing political opinions; bullying and demeaning political comments directed at conservative students, conservative news outlets, and conservative politicians, which is behavior inappropriate for government employees at all levels, especially those in positions of authority over our youth
  • The denial of students’ right to defend or state their differing beliefs or opinions verbally or during classroom assignments without fear of retaliation by teachers
  • The teachers’ use of posters, photos and personal items that denigrate politicians they don’t agree with, push partisan agendas, and offend Christian students’ values
  • The violation of students’ right to wear clothing that reflects and supports their religious beliefs or conservative civic values
  • The denial of students’ right to protect themselves by refusing them the right to record such offenses when they happen.

It is for these abuses that I, a taxpayer and voter of Carroll County, demand that the Carroll County Board of Education do the following:

1. PROHIBIT teachers from pushing progressive political agendas in the classroom.
2. PROHIBIT teachers from wearing pins/buttons that push a political agenda in the classroom, including LGBTQ pins which promote intolerance of the traditional family unit. Government employees are not allowed to use taxpayer-funded time for displaying their personal political agenda. That should be done only on their personal time.
3. ENFORCE punishment for teachers who violate CCPS policy by bullying conservative students.
4. REQUIRE that teachers teach materials that support the time-tested, founding principles of our Nation, rather than pushing a secular/progressive agenda, which has failed in every nation it’s been tried.
5. RESCIND the recording policy that prohibits students from visually documenting abuses perpetrated by CCPS staff. Teachers work on taxpayer salaries in taxpayer funded buildings, so the taxpayer has the right to oversight. Furthermore, teachers are subject to oversight because they are adults interacting with minors, and minors have a right to such protection.
6. REJECT the “three-strikes-you’re-out” rule, and instead, maintain that when it comes to protecting the rights of students, even a single violation of CCPS policy is grounds for teacher suspension/dismissal.
7. CREATE a clear grievance process for students to log concerns against offending teachers/administrators, that guarantees them protection from retaliation, including the right to request transfer to another class, teacher, or school.

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