Here They Go Again for Charter

Why? Because 2 County Commissioners want to change our form of government.  Commissioner Bouchat promotes Charter because he thinks our commissioner form of government is an outdated unconstitutional concept from English common law. Yet, he ignores the fact that Carroll’s commissioner form of government is contained in the MD. Constitution.

He argues that we need a County Executive like Montgomery or PG Counties to make Carroll County’s government more efficient.   More efficient at what?  Taxing us; Regulating us?

He says we need a separation of powers but ignores the fact that our highest ranking elected executive branch official is our Sheriff unlike most charter counties that have an appointed police chief who is under the direct control of a county executive and town council. Not much separation of power in the Charter counites is there?

Most importantly, he ignores results that show Carroll citizens enjoy a higher quality of life than surrounding charter counties.

The commissioner form of govt has served us well compared to the other 22 counties and Baltimore City, here are some (approximate) quality of life rankings:

  • Unemployment: 2nd lowest of the 24 jurisdictions
  • Crime rates:  24th out of 24 (lowest crime).
  • Ag preservation:  70,000 acres (#1)
  • High school graduation rates: #1 of 24
  • Drop out rates: #24 of 24 ( lowest)
  • Growth in manufacturing jobs: #1
  • Long term debt:  Down approximately 23% from 2011 levels
  • Tax rates: Lowered taxes at least twice over the past eight years.
  • Development:  Carroll has avoided smart growth incentives that urbanize communities

Every surrounding county government that adopted charter has shifted left while growing larger and more authoritarian.  Every surrounding County that went Charter is now run by liberals. Charter governments can raise their own salaries and pass laws that will implement and impose ADDITIONAL fines and fees at the local level.

Commissioner Frazier wants Charter so he can raise taxes.  Under our existing Commissioner form of government, Commissioners need 4 out of 5 votes to raise our taxes. I seriously doubt this restriction would be included in any Charter document.

Please see our top 10 reasons for keeping a commissioner form of government post.

So why do politicians want charter government?

Three reasons:

  • It is easier to raise taxes;
  • It makes government more powerful; and politicians feel more important;
  • It provides a 6-figure career path for politicians that couldn’t make it in the private sector.

We are fortunate to have a Commissioner form of government. It’s your future at stake. Let the Commissioners know you want to keep the Commissioner form of government at 410-386-2043 or via email

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